Dean, age 29 (NC)

I would like to order a vial of the Super Concentrated Pheromone. A group of us buddies were playing golf together on Sunday and 'Fred' who is a pharmacist told us about the work of the Pheromone Institute, how you guys extracted the sex attractant of men and now manufacture it as a fragrance additive. We went to lunch together, had forgotten all about the pheromone conversation, when the waitress got very interested in Fred. She asked him what he was wearing that made him smell so wonderful. I want some of that Super Concentrated Pheromone, please.

Sam, age 33 (Canada)

"I am a medical doctor in family practice and have been single for the last 4 years. Not dating very much. Since using Super Concentrated Pheromone, this has changed. I've tried it and the results have been phenomenal. Thank you, Susan !"

Jeremy, age 34 (TX)

"Please send me 10 more vials of Super Concentrated Pheromone for men. We are using it as a sales tool because it seems to be working. We are asking our salesmen to wear the Super Concentrated Pheromone-spiked fragrance because customers want to stay with the salesperson much longer. It seems to keep the customer interested in hearing what the salesperson has to say. We sell a variety of industrial products."

Jake, age 18 (PA)

" Please send a vial of Super Concentrated Pheromone for me and one as a gift for my friend. I was in your original double-blind study and am sure I got the placebo because nothing happened. [***we checked it out and I did get the placebo***] But after we bought a vial of each product both my friend and I noticed a major change.Gay men were much more attentive around us. I noticed it and he also noticed it separately at our hometown gay club. "

Adam J. in Lubbock, (TX)

"WOW! Normally I'm a skeptic, but this stuff really works as advertised! My Brother who teaches chemistry at Madison is using his students as test subjects to convince himself that this is science rather than magic (ha ha). I have been overlooked by women toooo long! I must say, I'm amazed. ."

Dinty C. in Seattle, (WA)

"Hey Man, These pheromones rule! I finally picked up this hot waitress at the sports bar that I was working on for a year! You know what she said to me? She said I sure like your cologne. I came back the next night and I was drenched in it!! We are dating now thanks to you. Send me more of the good stuff"

Leslie A. in Macon, (GA)

"To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for your prompt service and remarkable product. My Wife and I haven't been so "frisky" in years. It's just like our honeymoon again. Please find my payment enclosed for another bottle of Androstenone. Thanks again"

Robert Y. in Tuscon, (AZ)

"After I saw that thing on Dateline 20/20 about your pheromone oil I ordered some and I am 100% satisfied. Women are now coming up and talking to ME! I don't even have to use pick-up lines anymore. Thank you. "

Thomas S. in Dayton, OH

"Dear Sir or Madam. I want to thank you for producing such an amazing product. My son ordered this for me as a birthday present. I have been back in the singles market for nearly three years, and I must say, until I received your product, not doing very well. I am shy by nature and even though I know that I must force myself to get in there and mingle, I just couldn't do it. The first time I wore it, at a singles dance, Throughout the evening I was approached by attractive women without any effort on my part. I danced almost every dance that night and met several nice women - one I am now dating. She just now told me that it was my cologne that first attracted her. Even though I no longer need to wear it, I think I will anyway. I have enclosed a check for two additional bottles of the double strength solution. Ever grateful,"

Carl L. in Indianapolis, (IN)

"What is this stuff anyway? Voodoo? Man I love it!!! I would have bet $100 it wouldn't work for me, but it DOES! I'm getting laid more now than when I was a teenager. Many thanks.!"

Steven H. in Augusta GA

"I'm dating two girls who are better looking than I ever dated before thanks to you guys. Rock on!"


M.C. Glasgow (Scotland)

"WOW, how could I ever have managed life without this stuff. Girls seem to be over me like a rash. Stuff telling my mates about it, this shit is sexual dynamite"

J.H. Palermo (Sicily)

"Super Concentrated Pheromone works like a charm, please rush me my order."

F.R. Bradford (England)

"This is an amazing product, I work at a disco and I am selling it to the lads at 1 pound a squirt on their way in."

Brad Wardie, (Scotland)

"I was suprised by your prompt delivery, e-buying can be a bit dodgy, but I was even more surprised by the results. At my job at a hotel I am now regularly being flirted with by a succession of very attractive and wealthy men, and in the crowded bar I am constantly being touched and rubbed against by males. The various smells work on different types of gay men. Please rush me my new order"

Desrine, Cardiff (Wales)

"Super Concentrated Pheromone really does seem to work ! The most dramatic instances have occurred when wearing it at discos. Girls just drift towards me and start flirting...I now love being a dyke...---:)"

S D Nottingham (England)

"I knew Super Concentrated Pheromone wasn't a gimmick when one of the men at work, quite out of character, started to chat me up at the photo-copier.....I always liked him and he never displayed any interest in me before......well with AP that another story as we now have a dinner date"



100% Guarantee you will get your dream man / women in matter of days
proven to be completely harmless with no effects
smells cannot be detected by others making it completely private to yourself
long lasting effect after applied
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NOTE: Price does not include shipping cost of $4.95.  Price are subject to increase depending on your country tax rates.



super concentrated pheromone
(attracts women)
$49.45 each

Quantity : 1 

Quantity : 2 + 1 (FREE) 

super concentrated pheromone
(attracts men)
$49.45 each

Quantity : 1 

Quantity : 2 + 1 (FREE) 



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