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November 9, 1995


    Seattle--Topical application of synthesized male pheromones increases the sexual attractiveness of men to their partners, according to Pennsylvania researchers.

    The odorless, clear alcohol-based liquid contains a chemical copy of "the natural substance given off by healthy virile men in their 20s that makes them so attractive to women," said researcher Winnifred Cutler, Ph.D., president of the Athena Institute for Women's Wellness in Haverford, PA.

    In a study of 38 men, those who added the new pheromone to their own aftershave for eight weeks reported that they were busier sexually--engaging in significantly more hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse with their female partners--than before the study, the Pennsylvania researcher reported at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Those who added a placebo to their aftershave reported no change in their sex lives, she said.

    Masturbation rates in the two groups were similar, indicating that the product works by attracting women, not by increasing a man's sex drive.

    The pheromone is thought to work by stimulating fine nerves in the back of the nose that are linked to sexual response.

    "The new cologne increases romance and love, and all that comes with it,". Studies have shown that sex with a regular partner makes a woman more fertile, and that regular sex delays the aging process, while increasing self-esteem,".

    Alan DeCherney, MD., chairman of ob-gyn at Tufts University in Boston, hailed the new product.  "It's good to have a product that increases romantic attractiveness," he said.

    In the new study, 38 men added a few drops of either the pheromone-alcohol solution or alcohol alone to their usual aftershave for eight weeks.

    None of the men knew what they were getting; they were told only that they "were testing a product designed to improve the romance in their lives," .

    The men all kept a diary of their sexual activities, which were compared with their sex lives before the study began.

    Eight weeks later, 47% of the men using the pheromone reported that they engaged in more sexual intercourse since using the cologne, compared with 9.5% of the placebo users.

    Thirty-five percent of pheromone users reported they slept with women more often, compared with 5% of placebo users.



The Results of a Survey Involving Male Pheromone Users

An independent survey was conducted by the Sydney research organization, Bennett Research, into the use of Super Concentrated Pheromone. Research based on the survey yielded quite remarkable results. There were, altogether, 306 male respondents who took part in the surveys.

Of the 306 men, 275, or 90%, claimed that the products increased their attractiveness to women.

Nearly 3 men in 10 made the assertion that their appeal was increased by some 60%.

In the survey of the Super Concentrated Pheromone users, 11% stated that their attractiveness to women had increased by between 80 and 100%. 18% of the surveyed Super Concentrated Pheromone users said that their attractiveness had gone up between 60 and 70%. 25% said their attractiveness increased by between 40 and 59% and a further 18% claimed an increase in attractiveness in the range between 20 and 39%.

So how was the response by women to the men wearing sex pheromones gauged?

The survey showed an increased response through the following: making conversation - 61% or starting up a conversation - 52%; expressing an interest in them - 43% said that; being responsive to them - 40%; paying the man concerned unsolicited compliments - 36% and outright flirting - 34%.

Furthermore, there was one highly significant development in the survey... a notable increase in physical response by women to the men who wore Super Concentrated Pheromone.

31% of men surveyed reported that women deliberately brushed against them.

30% said that they were touched by women, although there was no mention of where.

18% were sexually stimulated by being in the proximity of the respondents who wore the pheromone spray-ons, 17% of respondents reported women expressing a desire to make love to them and 16% said that they indeed made love.

A man in the 35 - 40 age group in the survey described what happened to him: "One night in a bar a woman walked past me and looked at me. The second time she walked past she came straight to me, said hello, started talking to me and I was very surprised when she grabbed hold of my hands and gave me a kiss on the lips...".

Another respondent in the same age group noted that spraying his correspondence, by which he meant a letter, a photo, or card, has brought: "amazing and intimate replies from a number of girls".

A Queensland man in the 25 to 34 age group describes what happened when a saleswoman called at his door: "she invited herself in, forgot what she was selling and went after me".

A man in the 25 to 34 age group reported that he was singled out in a crowded hotel bar.

The pheromones appear to be effective for men in all age groups.

A man in the 55 plus group wrote: "when they got near me they say I don't know what it is about you... Whenever I get close to you I want to do it and I don't know what it is. There is something about you that really gets me going".

Many men in the survey reported overt sexual behavior towards them by women they met. A man in the 55 plus group reported women: "showing their legs up to the thigh and leaning down to reveal their breasts".

Another wrote: "they just love to rub the most private part of their body against mine".

A common experience of men in the survey was being approached by previously unknown women, as reported by a man in the 35 to 44 age group from Western Australia: "women I have never seen in my life would walk up to me and start talking".



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