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Signals in Our Sweat [ABC News excerpt]

"Scientists are learning something else about how we select our mates. There may be other chemical signals we sent each other that we can't smell--signals that carry a wide range of biological messages. They're called pheromones.

In animals and insects this "chemical command" is irresistible. *** But what about humans? Can we be controlled by these subconscious chemical commands?

Biologist W. Cutler & M. Walker thinks so. In fact, Walker first developed pheromones in the lab. And she says her trials reported report dramatic results.

"I've one guy who said to me, 'Five times a year maybe we had sex. Since I've been using the pheromone straight, it's five times a week!"

She is not alone. There are now several products on the market *** that contain sex pheromones. What exactly is in these products?

"A true pheromone formula is a closely guarded trade secret." Walker says only a few people worldwide have access to it"

"But other products aren't so secretive. And some really do contain a chemical that is a sex pheromone--a sex pheromone for pigs, that is."

The product seems to work. And their is now even published studies which proves the claims."


We at ABCNEWS couldn't resist conducting a little unscientific test ourselves.

Our subjects, two sets of twins from a place called Twins Restaurant in New York. We had one twin in each pair wear our Super Concentrated Pheromone product--the other got just plain gucci cologne. But nobody knew what they received.

After three weeks, we took our twins to a popular New York bar. Our ground rules: We had them secretly trade places throughout the evening, so no one would know they were twins. And they couldn't make the first move.

The results astonished us !

The girls came out about even. Each had about a handful of men start talking to them. But the men were a different story. Larry, who got the gucci, had a slow start but ended up being approached by 11 girls. Lawerence, who wore our Super Concentrated Pheromone product, was chatted up by 30 girls--nearly three times the number who approached Larry, his identical twin.

"People, like, didn't even want to talk to me, and my brother got all the attention," Lawerence says. "It was incredible, truly."



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